What is Sheep's Pass?

I'll be the first to admit that the name I've been using and its namesake are not completely the same -- but the intention is there. It all starts with the fact that my last name "Borrego" is Spanish for "sheep". It has other meanings and yes, there are other Spanish words for "sheep" too. People often get a kick out of this fun fact and one of those people just happens to be my husband.

When we first met in graduate school, we were lucky enough to have a nearby recreational center that had a climbing wall that would allow students to create their own routes. As I was determined to get into the sport and my yet-to-be-husband was an avid climber, the rec center climbing wall was a frequent hangout spot. After a camping trip to Joshua Tree, my yet-to-be-husband created a climbing route for me named after a relevant trail name he came across on his trip. Sheep pass trail first made its way to my heart on the climbing wall and also embraced the things I loved -- my yet-to-be-husband, climbing, my family name.

However, Sheep pass trail doesn't roll off my tongue as well I'd hope and I absent-mindedly started calling it Sheep's pass. I argue that grammatically, my way gives the sheep possession of the pass itself -- at least this is what I tell my self so I can sleep at night. And here the exciting tale of Sheep's Pass comes to end, hopefully you were slightly entertained and now you know where this odd name came from!