Eastwing Mountain Trail

An amazing part of living in the North Peoria/Phoenix area are all the pockets of nature nested between communities. One of my favorite "pockets of pretty" is the Eastwing Mountain trail (or "East Wing" depending on which site or sign you are reading). The trail head is located behind the vibrant Sonoran Mountain Ranch park and starts with a circular structure that I interpret to be benches. The entrance is surrounded by houses, but a short 5 minute walk takes you into a beautiful, isolated desert landscape. A few steps more and you can stumble upon an area that I call the "Saguaro Trio". As the sun sets in the west and falls behind the beautiful landscape, vibrant sunsets and backlit photos are a must. This is one of my favorite locations to explore and hold photoshoots and I just wanted share this beautiful place for anyone looking for a nearby desert escape.