Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix

In the most unexpected place, near highways and old buildings of downtown Phoenix, is a beautiful garden. At first glance, it feels like a secret place or even off limits as the entrance looks like a professional building. However, this secret garden is actually a welcoming, public escape into Japanese culture and beauty. The Japanese Friendship Garden of Phoenix, Arizona (dutifully named with city and state as many similar gardens exist) is a lovely place to spend some time among lush, carefully tended greenery and beautiful water features.

For those looking for more than a midday stroll, the garden can be reserved for private photo sessions and special events. I was lucky enough to spend an evening at this wonderful location capturing a beautiful surprise engagement for the sweetest couple. The garden offers several lovely photo spots during golden hour and even has a small bridge to capture the reflected beauty of the garden from the clear pond water. With every photo I took, I can tell this garden has been carefully planned to create a peaceful energy and it served as a beautiful but subtle backdrop for the newly engaged couple.

Whether you are looking for a short escape from the desert or a beautiful location for a special event, I definitely recommend stopping by the Japanese Friendship Garden to be transported to the beauty of Japan.